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Porous Pipe

Porous Pipe is a kind of drip irrigation using the latest state-of-the-art technology. This subsurface irrigation system delivers water, nutrients and oxygen directly to the root of your plant. This uniform below-ground delivery results in maximum plant growth, higher efficient water and nutrient use, optimum plants health and increased profits.

Advantages are:

Porous Pipe is manufactured to a mixture of thermoplastic and recycled rubber from vehicle tires, undergoes a proprietary process and converts into a continuous cylindrical membrane. This resultant pipe provides a consistent network of capillary pathways through the pipe walls, allowing a steady and uniform weep rate.

The pipe runs depend on the soil and plant requirements, up to 500s feet are common. Over 1,000 feet piping has been successfully installed before. They still performing perfectly after 10 years and the material (recycled rubber tires) used can last longer than 20 years.


Conventional System & Manual Water Point

This system had been successfully installed in many prestigious highways such as West Kowloon Reclamation Contract WK23, WK25, UA9, Kwai Chung Viaduct, and Tsing Yi Duplicate South Bridge & new town development such as Tin Shui Wai Development (CEDD Contract No YL39).

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