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A quality fountain installation includes spray jets, lighting, electrical devices, drains and inlets, plus related accessories, such as valves, pumping devices, and control panels. These items can be assembled according to the customer's requirements.

Water effect may be designed according to the size & shape of the pool, and the water depth should be no less than 45cm for easy installation of the equipment. Fountain and water feature components are designed to withstand cracking, algae and chlorine, as well as exposure to sun, heat, wind and ice.

In order to keep up the system, we commit to providing fully support of warranty plan other than just a product manufacturer.

Project Experience for large and prestigious projects:

Music fountain installed at the Hong Kong Science Park

The latest music fountain installed at the Hong Kong Science Park

Intriguing water fountain incorporates music sound-reacted technology.

Water shows with spectacular lighting effect.

Illuminated water fountain adds charm to the evening.

Water dancing rhythmically with music and lighting effect.



Fountain installation at Hong Kong Disneyland and Wetland Park

Water Feature System for the Water & Recreational Centre in Hong Kong Disneyland

Water Feature System for the Hong Kong Wetland Park


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Project in Hong Kong Science Park

Project in Hong Kong Wetland Park

Project in Hong Kong Disneyland